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1927 & Pseudo Echo

A Day on the Green - Annie's Lane

23 Feb 2013

Both 1927 and Pseudo Echo were listed as the first two bands to be performing at A Day on The Green at Annie's Lane this year and while I wasn't interested in the rest of the line up the opportunity to see both at the same event was something I couldn't pass on (especially after being unable to go to Schutzenfest in Jan to see Pseudo Echo perform) so put together the plan to head north for the event.

It may have taken nearly 2 hours to drive up there (Watervale is not far before Clare) but the organisers of A Day on the Green were prepared for first timers to the event with plenty of signs from the main road to the car park and plenty of helpful staff all the way in (and on leaving as well).  The horrible orange bugs in the region made a mess of the car on the way there (and back) but strangely they seemed to stop at the carpark and not come into the venue.

It was a very hot day but once inside the wait wasnt too long until things got underway and soon 1927 hit the stage.  Starting with To Love Me from ish... 1927 then moved onto a song from their new album Generation i (which is still awaiting general release) in The Story Never Ends then Don't Forget Me from the second album.  One of 1927's best songs live is You'll Never Know but frustratingly the crowd insisted on staying in their seats like it was a night at the theatre (and really you had to be up at the stage for it to feel like a CONCERT) - perhaps they were more Hunters & Collectors and Diesel fans than some of us!  Anyway a rousing rendition of that song also from ish... was followed by the slower paced Scars from 1927's third album.

For Compulsory Hero Paul Grey (best known from Wa Wa Nee in the 80s but has done a lot in the Australian music industry 'behind the scenes' since those days) was introduced - he sometimes plays keyboards with 1927 when they are touring but wasnt with them for the shows in Adelaide last year so it was a great surprise for the fans.  That's When I Think of You was next and the final song of the set was If I Could and then they were gone.  With full shows planned for interstate and overseas hopefully 1927 bring their full concert back to Adelaide at some stage this year (just please don't clash with Bryan Adams, Absolute 80s, Pink or Bon Jovi!!!)

A short break followed with some great Australian music played and soon Pseudo Echo were on stage.  Once again most of the crowd stayed in their seats still not realising they were missing out on the full experience of the two best acts of the day (or perhaps Im just bias!).  Stranger in Me from Autumnal Park started their set in great fashion followed by a reminder of it their early days performing  Listening on Countdown in 1984 and A Beat for You both also from their first album.  Songs from Love an Adventure followed with Don't Go first up and then Living in A Dream (where the crowd finally started to wake up a little) and finally the title track Love an Adventure starting with its unmistakeable intro.  Pseudo Echo's biggest hit Funkytown (an extended version) finished their time on stage and by this stage the crowd was finally up on their feet and up in front of the stage.  The line up was the same as the show last August which was great to see as they really have revitalised the band on stage (although former members do perform now and again when current members are unavailable for a particular show - I prefer the new line up though as they all appear to be having fun performing).  As with 1927 hopefully they come back to Adelaide for a normal full concert soon (again please don't clash with the acts mentioned earlier!)

After Pseudo Echo finished it was time for me to make the trek back to Adelaide (and clean my poor car it was covered in dead bugs) however apart from that, the extreme heat and the beach ball bouncing through the crowd without warning (and later bounced onto some keyboards on stage during Pseudo Echo) it was a good afternoon and I would certainly head off to future A Day on the Green shows if they have performers Im interested in seeing despite the lengthy drive.



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