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Bon Jovi

26 Sep 2015

The day started with the chaos of working out the system of ticket buying for the Ferry from Hong Kong stressing about the rush of getting through Immigration in time to make it to the ferry to Macau (here's a tip allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour on weekends - we made it just on 30 min and it was very busy).  Finally cleared Immigration and bolted down to the gate being told to 'hurry up' by officials along the way.  Onto the ferry into our seats and moments later we were on our way to Macau (and in the seat pocket was the casino magazine with JBJ on the cover and a multiple page article inside) - its actually quite a smooth trip too as you go out and see all the huge container ships on the way.  Its very well organised once you arrive you go to the correct bus for your casino and it takes you directly there with advice on where to find the bus to depart back to the ferry after the show.  The ferry terminal is next to the airport and there were two private planes parked there right at the fence - guessed one was Bon Jovi's and turns out it was!  Unfortunately didn't think to take a photo but it was right there as the first Bon Jovi thing in Macau. 

Once inside the casino it was a bit confusing at first as it and the surrounding shopping malls were massive (however there were maps of the complex available) and you had to withdraw local currency as although its on par with the HK dollar the latter may not be accepted everywhere.  Walking around the shops nearly everywhere there were huge TVs with ads for the Bon Jovi show running back to back - could have watched that all day however instead walked around the shops with designer brands literally everywhere. 

Part of the VIP package was merchandise where we collected a tour poster, t shirt, lanyard, etc on the way in plus there was merchandise available once you were inside and on heading down to the seats it was fantastic to see that the front area was basically a fenced off pit area.  So like the 2013 tour VIP tickets meant we didnt have to worry about anyone running down from the back and pushing in.  Brilliant!.  As tickets had gone on sale well before I knew we were going I ended up in the last row of the VIp section but dead centre and when seatholders in front of me either didn't turn up or went into the aisle to get closer it meant that I had a clear view of the stage as seen in the wider shots below (due to the wide angle effect they make it look further back than it really was as I was in the 9th row). 

So we get the countdown music again and the band hits the stage and starts with Radio Saved My Life Tonight- YES !!! They played this at the soundcheck in Adelaide in Dec 13 but didn't play it during the actual show instead playing it in Perth and later Sydney shows I wasn't at so it was awesome to see it live!!  Thought this show might be a bit different since they had played a more standard setlist the night before at the first Macau show.  Next up was Runaway and then You Give Love a Bad Name followed by Born to Be My Baby which wasn't played in Singapore.  We Got It Goin' On was next and then What About Now (great to see this one in the list too - loved the album and great to see this also kept in the concert playlists).  They slowed it down a little at that point with Lost Highway (yes you will see a 'hey hey' photo below!) and then Whole Lot of Leavin'.  Nearly at the midpoint of the show and Jon introduced We Don't Run of Burning Bridges - very similar to No Apologies in that its an easy song to listen to and learn at the live show without knowing the full lyrics word for word.  Hopefully they keep it as an occasional song for the setlist in the future being one of those stand up and fight type anthems. 

Next up It's My Life again absolutely brilliant as a live song always one of their standout songs which was then followed by Because we Can.  Someday I'll Be Saturday Night was next then Make a Memory as the tempo slowed down momentarily.  It was then into Wanted Dead or Alive - no problems this time as Phil X launched into the solo.  I'll Sleep When I'm Dead was next followed by Who Say's You Can't Go Home that was also omitted at Singapore so was great to see it back tonight with both being fun songs to liven up the crowd leading into the lengthy Keep The Faith which always ends with the focus on the keyboards and guitars as they have their own duel.  To end the main set it was Bad Medicine with the Jon leap in the air and then it was dark. 

Now there had been a few sound glitches early on, later on it seemed the microphone dropped out here and there and the break to the encore ended up strangely longer than usual.  Obviously small glitches outside the bands control but made us wonder if something was going on in the background of this brilliant show.  On the published setlist we are all so used to there was suppose to be 4 songs in the encore but unfortunately Last Man Standing and In These Arms (I was so hoping the latter would be played and it seemed it was due) were crossed out seemingly last minute and when Bon Jovi returned to the stage it was straight into Have a Nice Day.  Another absolutely rousing rendition of that song and it was then into Living on a Prayer - I know the crowds go wild but its always tinged with the fact we know its going to be the end of the concert and for many the end of the tour for a year or so til Bon Jovi heads out on the main tour.   The biggest surprise though was there was no final bow - everyone took the final applause in their positions and then departed the stage. 

It was absolutely brilliant concert well worth the extra travel to be there and that was the end of our trip - straight after the show it was back on the ferry to Hong Kong and then the next day the start of the trip back to Australia to wait patiently til they announce the tour dates hopefully including Australia in Nov/Dec next year for the tour due to follow the album release next year. 

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