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Bon Jovi
Singapore F1

20 Sep 2015

The Bon Jovi mini tour was announced and so many rumours on where they would be playing slowly came through as fact but one of the major announcements as to who was headlining the Singapore F1 Grand Prix on the Sunday night just took forever to come through.  The rumours were so strong and when it did come through we were off for a weekend of car racing, Spandau Ballet and the big one Bon Jovi.  After a brilliant show by Spandau Ballet on the Saturday the next day was all about planning for the Bon Jovi concert.  To be close you had to choose that you were either there for the car race itself or head to the concert venue first up.  Being so hot and humid the risk of heat stress/stroke was very high so it was important to take electrolytes before heading off to the show and taking a drink and wet cloth along - they also were handing out hand fans on the way in which was invaluable (it even said 'I am a fan!).  So those of us who were keen to be up front - yes first or second row at a Bon Jovi concert settled in for the 5 hour wait - luckily the cloud cover had come in to diffuse the sun and there was a very slight breeze now and again.  Fans from Japan, Italy and others from Australia were amongst our area waiting - at one stage there was a problem with an English git who pushed his way amongst those waiting not long before the Grand Prix race started and refused to leave and go back where he came from with things flaring up when he got his friend to come over with drinks to join him.  Standing on, pushing and the friend literally sat down on one fan despite her protests in the end many close by made pleas to security to remove him.  When he stood his ground quite a few fans really had a go at his lack of manners and brutish behaviour cheered on by many of us who had watched the whole thing unfold.  Finally he and his friend decided that it was better to go than cause a riot and he was last seen talking to security some way down the barrier away from those who had been patiently waiting.  A win for people power!!  And well done to those who made complaints and took him to task of his behaviour sometimes bullies do have to back down.

Then an hour before showtime the voice announced we all had to stand up and move forward - and I love it when I plan comes together three steps forward and had the perfect spot.  Basically in the second row behind a family but standing in the gap to see between them - doubt I'll ever be virtually front row at a Bon Jovi concert again but then in Australia for stadium shows we have massive stages and allocated seating so it all works out without the endless hours of waiting (and we should all be grateful for allocated seating!!).  And it turns out in Singapore unlike Australia everyone didn't push when in position - no massive pushing from the back so you get flattened yes we were all packed in but luckily not that wave of pressure from the back.  This was probably the worst of the time as it was hot and humid and now standing up the breeze was hard to come by but we had the end of the race and celebrations on the big screens to keep us occupied - and the odd member of crew making final touches to the stage equipment.

Then it was 10.30 and that lead in music we were all so familiar with from the 2013 started the countdown and then Bon Jovi were on stage starting off with the brilliant That's What the Water Made Me.  Then it was straight into You Give Love a Bad Name and Raise Your Hands.  For the mini tour there was a line up change on stage with Matt O'Ree replacing Bobby on the second guitar and he really does fit in well.  Seems to add to the energy on stage with the interaction between band members during the show and Phil X and Matt do compliment each other at either side of the stage (see pics below and the Macau write up).

The high tempo continued with We Werent Born to Follow and We Got It Goin' On before the new song from the latest album Burning Bridges was introduced.  We Don't Run works brilliantly in concert as predicted by many fans on facebook pages and forums before going into one of their best live songs in It's My Life.  Next up was Because We Can and its great to see the 2013 songs are still featured in the setlist as they really are fun and uplifting songs to see performed live.  Now the temperature was still around 30 deg with 85 percent humidity (often noted as feels like 42!) so we all got a bit of a breather when the tempo slowed down for Someday I'll Be Saturday Night - this is often described as acoustic in concert but I think its moreso that Jon and his guitar are just more prominent with the other instruments just toned down filling out the sound.  Its a different sound to say the intro to Living on a Prayer.

Wanted Dead or Alive was next and all was going brilliantly til the time of the big guitar solo where a 'splitter box' (something to do with Phil X's guitar) decided that was the moment to stop working so going into the big guitar solo suddenly there was nothing with a slightly panicked Phil X spinning on stage before giving up.  Brief interval while Jon kept every amused and soon they continued on with a guitar that did work straight into the solo and on with the song like the true professionals they are!  Then it was into I'll Sleep When I'm Dead was strange seeing the normal version of the song since in Australia last tour this was where everyone had a go with the fun mini solo pieces in the medley before going back to the song to end it.  During this song one lady was pulled out of the crowd where we were as she virtually collapsed as two Italian fans lifted her over the barrier so security could get her medical help.  It was hot and strangely unlike Australia there isnt the same types of warnings about the heat especially amongst a crowd - perhaps due it always Im told being hot and humid.  Keep the Faith was next with the keyboards v two guitars this time round with the big duel.  Bad Medicine was next where Jon wandered down the stairs on the side of the 'thrust stage' and along the front row of fans who grabbed photos and selfies on the way creating plenty of memorable moments before heading back up the stairs on the other side.  And with the trademark leap from Jon that was the end of the main set. 

Soon Bon Jovi were back on stage for Runaway and then a rousing rendition of Have a Nice Day always a fun song live (though right near the end I got hit over the face with a selfie stick so glad those things are generally banned here at concert venues and thats why - luckily it was a glancing blow to across my face as I was looking down at my camera briefly had I been looking up I would have copped it in the eye the owner had dropped something and went after whatever it was forgetting he had his damn selfie stick extended).  Then the intro for Living on a Prayer started and then into the full version of the song as the crowd erupted before everyone came out for the final bow.  There was a brief gap as it was suggested perhaps a second encore but no that was the end of the concert - seemed very early and probably one of the shortest Bon Jovi show on modern times with only 16 songs.  But it was a brilliant concert and well worth the long wait in the heat - it was the first Grand Prix they had played at since Adelaide in 1995.

For some of us it wasnt the end of the Bon Jovi experience with Macau to follow only 6 days later.

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