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Clipsal 500 2011 Adelaide

Eastern Parklands Saturday

March 19 2011

The headline event of the Mad March period in Adelaide is the Clipsal 500 V8 car race held over four days.  I attended the Saturday which proved the best of the weekend weatherwise as the rain closed in for the Sunday race.  Disappointingly the FA18 which is usually on display in the afternoons on both days was on early in the morning so I wasn't able to see one of the days highlights.  There was plenty of action on the track as the cars flew past hitting maximum speeds along the back of CBC oval before heading back towards Victoria Park.  An easy reference on the day to where the leaders were was to just look up and find the helicopter that shadowed the lead group for the entire race for the tv coverage.

After the race was over it was onwards to the nights entertainment.  Luckily a few of us had come across the Uncanny XMen soundcheck as their performance was hard to enjoy (read on why).  First up on stage were The Chantoozies who did a good job with a few covers and their own hits from the 80s/90s era.  Second up were Pseudo Echo and despite Brian Canham have issues with his guitar throughout they were fantastic and just like they were 20 years ago!  They played a rendition of all their hit songs for three albums and its a shame time didn't allow for them to go on longer.  Unfortunately during their finale of Funkytown two drunk girls barged in behind and bounced off everyone around them while trying to hold themselves and their beer cans sorta upright.  

Uncanny X Men were next with Brian Mannix the same as he was all those years ago - unfortunately the drunk girls behind us were legless and pushed and shoved throughout the set ultimately spilling beer on those in front of them (why security couldn't remove them or at least their beer cans who knows).  Finally the drunks moved on and Leo Sayer was next on stage.  Now he was from a previous era to the earlier acts but he can certainly put on a show - whether you were a fan or only knew the songs his set was very entertaining and the time flew by with many of his best known hits included.  Leo Sayer was the headline performance of the night despite being followed by Mondo Rock who seemed to put in a solid performance but not knowing their songs I watched from elsewhere.  After the concert there was a very impressive fireworks display that would put most Skyshows to shame and the finale worked well with Bon Jovi that was playing on the sponsor MIX 102.3 at the time.   

Please note photos below cannot be sold for monetary gain (as per entry conditions into Clipsal 500) and therefore cannot be ordered as per the horse images on this site


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