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Duran Duran

Adelaide Entertainment Centre

20 Mar 2012

Duran Duran returned to Adelaide to promote the new album All You Need is Now in concert at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.  Many got there early due to the limited carparking as not only was the concert on but a state level soccer game was at the nearby stadium which always draws a huge crowd.

After the support was over the seats started to fill with few fans creeping up the aisle to get closer instead of staying in their seats and even as the house lights went down such was the anticipation that everyone was already on their feet down the front (normally everyone waits til the first notes ring out).  Duran Duran came onto the stage and a more sedate fashion rather than burst up there with a big fast paced hit song they began the concert with Before the Rain (apt song really as by the time the concert finished it was indeed raining outside and did so for the rest of the night).  The very next song was clearly recognisable as they launched into Planet Earth which got everyone up and moving followed quickly by another hit in A View to a Kill. 

Two new songs followed Aynin then Blame the Machines which had footage from the renowned silent and recently restored sci fi film Metropolis from the 1920s playing on the big screens along the back of the stage.  Simon Le Bon took the time to stop and chat before asking a member of the crowd in the front row to sing along with the start of the next song before taking over for The Reflex. 

A mixture of lesser known and some new songs off the new album followed with the highlight the new single Girl Panic with the filmclip playing on the big screens.  First time I had heard the song and it was pretty good hopefully it gets picked up for more local airplay on the radio soon.  Yet another new song The Man Who Stole A Leopard that was also accompanied by a film clip with a mock news telecast at the end alluding to the storyline.  Simon Le Bon took a short break while the rest of the band played Tiger Tiger before returning for a rousing rendition of Notorious.

After White Lines then Ordinary World the pace really went up a notch into what was the best part of the entire concert as they launched into a fantastic performance of Hungry Like the Wolf, then Sunrise (still used every morning as the theme music for the tv show of the same name) and finally Wild Boys as the rest of the band in particular John Taylor really seemed to be enjoying the concert as much as the fans.  A short break then the encore starting with Girls on Film (with that brilliant camera shutter intro) and finally finishing with Rio after saving the best songs for the very end. 

This concert was Duran Duran at their best and a far better performance than the 2009 concert in Adelaide which had the hits but just didn't have the same flow.  The fans left happy and those of us who are not such hardcore fans were left thinking must try and find a copy of the new album to go with the giant tour program and other merchandise from the night. 

As fans of the 80s and early 90s music we have had 1927 & Roxette and now Duran Duran so far this year not to mention A Day on the Green a few weeks ago headlined by Noiseworks and seems it should continue with Pseudo Echo coming up soon at the smaller venue of The Gov (across the road from the Entertainment Centre) then New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys due in May while there seems to be tentative plans for 1927 to return in a full concert for their new album later in the year as well. 



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