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Pseudo Echo

The Gov

28 Apr 2012

After attending Clipsal last year as part of an 80s concert Pseudo Echo finally returned to Adelaide for their own headline show playing The Gov (located across the road from the Entertainment Centre).  It was a big day for Adelaide as the best horse in Australia Black Caviar had raced and won a world record 20th successive race earlier in the afternoon and then it was onto the concert at The Gov.  This led to the only shock factor of the whole night the nights performance schedule - I'm not 20 anymore (back when it was possible to stay out late and be fine the next day) and with Pseudo Echo not due on stage til well after 10pm it was going to be a long night.  Anyway time passed fairly quickly though it was bizarre that every got there early and lined up then seemed to spend the time up to the bands standing at the bar (ok some got seats) but really why arrive so early was the question our small group at the stage pondered!

First up was local band Squeaker.  Usually 'unknown' support bands make you count down each minute til its over but Squeaker was nothing of the sort and they were pretty good.  The singer struck up a good rapport with the members of the crowd that did come over to the stage for their set (it was a little disappointing that more didn't come over to the dancefloor stage area for their performance) and they did seem to be enjoying playing for us which must be hard to do when many of the crowd have no idea who you are.  For more information on Squeaker their website is www.squeakermusic.com.

A quick break as the stage is set up for Pseudo Echo and finally they burst onto the stage and straight into Stranger in Me from their Autumnal Park album followed by In Their Time and then Dancing Until Midnight.  Don't Go from their second album got the crowd up and dancing with A Beat for You and Walkaway following soon after.  I Will Be You and then Living in a Dream from the Love an Adventure album really took us back to the 80s then Fast Cars and Destination Unknown which I don't think I've heard live before (since I was a fan from the Love an Adventure era onwards their first album was one I bought later at the time). 

As with all of the best performers the show just got better as it started towards the end with favourites Listening and Love An Adventure next before a short break.  Back for the encore of Funky Town into Over Tomorrow, Try etc as  fans were invited up on stage for brilliant covers of Girls on Film and Send Me An Angel.  It was well past midnight by the time the show finally came to an end (though it did seem Pseudo Echo could have kept playing all night as they kept rolling into the next great song).  The show itself really complimented their previous performance last year and gave us a chance to remember all the great album songs that often didn't get released as singles in addition to all the hits.  It amazing how you can still remember the words and the music despite not hearing the songs for so long (yes I've got a lot of stuff on vinyl and tape that I either never upgraded to CD or couldn't find on CD).   Was fantastic that Pseudo Echo returned to Adelaide so soon and to such a good venue as The Gov (far better than in the city as there is close carparking as the concert venue is separate from the main bar).

Pseudo Echo was the first band I ever saw live way back in the 80s (even found I have a few pics!) and the first band I've had the chance to photograph as below with the 'big' camera - thank you to Pseudo Echo, the Pseudo Echo Offical facebook page and The Gov for allowing the photos to be taken for this review.


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