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1927 and Roxette

Adelaide Entertainment Centre

20 Feb 2012

When the Roxette concert was announced last year I thought 'hey that might be worth seeing' but once I read further and saw 1927 was in support and tickets were very reasonably priced it was a case of 'Im there'.  In the last two years it seems concert promoters have worked out all those teenage fans from the 80s have now all grown up and have the motivation and will pay out for tickets to see the 80s bands once again.  For me I've seen nearly all my favs from the 80s in the last two years starting with Spandau Ballet with Jack Jones of Southern Sons as one of their support acts then of course Bon Jovi followed at the Clipsal by Pseudo Echo (and even Uncanny XMen still going strong) and then last spring by Bryan Adams and now 1927 and Roxette.  

Now 1927 did play a show in Adelaide at the Gov last September but it was on the exact same night as Bryan Adams in Melbourne and knowing they were going to be in support of Roxette somewhat eased the disappointment back then. With the concert Monday night what was disappointing is unlike other shows interstate the Adelaide one had general admission not the usual floor seating so it was take a chance of being flattened again (see the write ups of Clipsal concert last year and Tony Hadley/Go West - the only general admission concerts I've been to in about 20 years!) so although I was sitting right at the front row of seats they were still so far away - the big screens are good but no match for actually being down there within the first 4 rows of the stage.  Also being up in the seats meant that you could notice the house lights not completely off and people still wandering to their seats nearby halfway through 1927 (yeah they didn't realise what they were missing).   Anyway that's the end of the bad stuff.

1927 started their set with a song of the new album Generation i (available at the concert and to be on general sale April/May) but then it was all the old favourites starting with To Love Me from ish then Don't Forget Me from The Other Side album.  You'll Never Know was next and although only singer Erik Weideman remains of the original group they were hitting every note spot on while Erik's voice was as good as ever.  Tell Me A Story from their second album followed and then probably the biggest hits in Compulsory Hero, If I Could and That's When I Think of You all from ish.  Only 8 songs and they were gone all too soon.  I know it was suppose to be 1927 supporting Roxette but just a few more songs would have been fantastic (and on the night it was clear that most of the crowd was there for both acts).

Roxette were next on stage and they started off with some of the big hits in Dressed for Success, Sleeping in My Car, etc then playing a few lesser known songs.  The crowd soon picked up again when Fading Like a Flower was played leading into more of the upbeat hits How Do You Do, Dangerous and Joyride.  For the first encore they returned with The Look and finshed up with Listen to Your Heart before another break and back for one more song in the second encore.  Both Marie and Per were in fine form with the former hitting the high notes brilliantly in the ballads while Per looked like he was enjoying being there as much as the supportive crowd sharing vocals and on the guitar and later the keyboard. 

Overall was a great night out and there was a good variety of merchandise available with 2 CDs and even a TShirt on offer from 1927 in addition to the wide variety of Roxette items (which also included a special tour CD/DVD combo).  While Roxette may not return for a while as it is for OS bands hopefully 1927 will return soon so there is another opportunity to see them with the chance of a full performance.



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