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Spandau Ballet
Singapore F1 GP

19 Sep 2015

Spandau Ballet was an early announcement to be performing at the Singapore F1 GP in September as part of their Soul Boys of the Western World tour.  I wasnt originally going to see them again after the Melbourne show but in June there were strong rumours that Bon Jovi would be headlining the Grand Prix concerts.  This was soon confirmed and we were booked for a weekend of car racing, Spandau Ballet and Bon Jovi.

Spandau Ballet were originally noted as performing after the F1 qualifying late on the Saturday night with a timeslot of 90 minutes but when the confirmed schedule came out they were rescheduled for 8pm for just an hour.  Coming to the end of the final F1 practice session a few of us started to gather around the Village stage watching the end of the on track action on the huge TVs before officials sectioned off an area right in front of the stage (much to the confusion of those arriving to find spots for the concert) but this was for the fire dancing girls scheduled as a very unusual 'support act' as it turned out.  In the heat the additional warmth from the fire the girls had on their waists and heads throughout was really appreciated but the audience was impressed by their half hour display.  Then the dash under the barrier tape and to the stage - getting to the front was all about planning and those of us on the side got there but it wasnt a guaranteed thing even when only covering about 2 metres to get there!

The band started off 5 minutes early (the 7.55 time had been advised on the big screen) with the regular opener for the tour in Soul Boy but then it was quickly into the hits with Highly Strung, Only When you Leave and I'll Fly for You as the hot and humid conditions really hit both those of us in the crowd and on stage Tony in particular but made no difference to the show.   Round and Round was a highlight and it was soon into the earlier period of songs with To Cut a Long Story Short getting the crowd really going.  There was only time to play the well known hits which Spandau Ballet launched into rapidfire - little gaps between the songs to try and get through them. 

The tempo ramped up for Instinction, Communication and one of their best live Lifeline (I do think this is often underestimated in concert reviews) then True which is usually the end of the main set.  With no time for the encore 'gap' the band members basically took a slight pause then straight into Through the Barricades and then Gold at the end.  The show ran about 10 minutes overtime too but that was brilliant as usual they were note perfect through the show. 

Sterling filling in on the drums did a brilliant job and he was the first to come out and chat to the group of four of us (plus one fans daughter).  He was very chatty and actually pulled out a set of drumsticks and gave them to the fan's daughter when he heard she was a music student.  Gary came out next and posed for photos with everyone with Tony and Steve coming out some time later for pics with the 2 fans who stayed on.  Just to show how bands bring fans together there was only 4 of us but we were from Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong (with 2 of us also heading to Hong Kong for the last show).  As I was leaving a group called Boys in the Band were starting their set on stage - very very similar to Human Nature and looked and sounded pretty good but it was time to head back to the hotel and get out of the neverending heat and humidity and prepare for the Sunday night concert. 

Their official website can be found at Spandau Ballet

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