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Tony Hadley & Go West

The Gov Adelaide

Oct 26 2011

For over 10 years I lived about a 2 minute drive from The Gov but it was only after I moved that I finally came across a concert to see at this venue.  On checking it turned out that the Tony Hadley & Go West concert clashed with the Netball being held across at the Entertainment centre and on driving down Port Road there was the thought of oh no parking looks like its going to be a nightmare.  It was a pleasant surprise to find that while the on street parking in the area had been filled with families heading to the netball the small carpark the Gov provides was quite empty (just across the railway line) it was also good to find a small group of fans already there who had found out when the doors were opening and that the final sound check was happening that we could all hear at the door.

The evening started with Go West on stage for a rousing rendition of Dont Look Down followed by several other songs until they were joined by Tony Hadley with Boys of Summer the first duet with Peter Cox for the night.  Go West then departed with Tony Hadley (joined by Spandau Ballet bandmate John Keeble on drums) heading into some of the Spandau hits such as Only When You Leave and Through The Barricades plus a few covers before Go West returned for another duet of Learning to Fly. 

Go West then continued through their hits such as Call Me We Close Our Eyes and a fantastic version of King of Wishful Thinking - it may have been nearly 20 years since they hit the charts but the performance was great.  Tony Hadley then returned for songs like Lifeline, True Rio (yes he does sing it better than Duran Duran!) and finally Gold.  To finish the night both Tony Hadley and Go West came out for the final three song encore.

The whole shows was brilliant but one member of the audience in particular did their best to make it every frustrating for me and others where I was - first off this woman decided I wasnt animated enough so took it upon herself to bounce into myself and others pushing us from where we started the night to crowd other well mannered fans then grabbed my arms to wave them up high (note this woman carrying on like a teenager was a total stranger).  She later flung an arm into my jaw and a whack on the head (note this was a group of mainly over 40s enjoying the concert not a mosh pit!!) - but when it came to the band first she threw the bra then her top and once the were returned (dont worry she had on other layers) threw the top again at Tony Hadley's head which he finally nicely told her enough was enough.  Shades of Uncanny XMen and the bimbo at the Clipsal concert!  Of course she calmed down later when she started to I Phone video a song or two.   The other thing was that after the show various performers came out as did Tony Hadley who was soon whisked away in a taxi - now apparently he does often do 'meet and greets' after shows but it was not handled well after this one.  Those who pushed and barged  got their photos/autographs (yes even as he was stepping into the taxi - he looked absolutely exhausted but agreed to every photo request) and those that held back as it got ridiculous just watched on.  Either they have everyone line up and manage it in an orderly fashion or don't have anything at all and tell everyone no not going to happen - then its fair all round.

However it was a great concert and was a chance to talk to other fans about Spandau Ballet last year and other concerts (not to mention the ticket buying) and a chance to remember what it was like when most of us usually only went to pub and club gigs.



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