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  Jenny Barnes grew up in Canberra and became interested in horses at an early age.  She began following horse racing and showjumping as these were the only horse sports that received any television coverage at the time. Jenny furthered her love of horses by taking riding lessons and, having really been 'bitten by the bug', went on to a horsey job at the local racing stables.

In between mucking out stables and strapping horses at the races, Jenny read any horsey magazine she could get her hands on.  She became 'inspired' to learn more about photography by the wonderful photographs of Martin King whose pictures appeared as 'one pagers' and centrespreads in Racetrack Magazine,   Jenny now spent every spare minute photographing horses of every type, colour, size and discipline, in order to gain the experience she would need to make it as a professional equine photographer.

Jenny added to her practical experience by taking a number of photography courses and she upgraded her 'brownie box' to a SLR camera which enabled her to take professional action shots of race finishes and pre-race warm-ups.  Up until 1997 Jenny's photography was a 'passionate' hobby, but the move to Adelaide in that year,  gave her the opportunity to photograph a higher class of racehorse and she picked the best photographs to send off to various national racing magazines.  This initiative paid off, as one of these magazines asked her to provide South Australian racing photographs for them on a regular basis from August 1997.

Soon after her work became seen by a wider audience, Jenny was contacted by a national equestrian magazine looking to have her cover South Australian equestrian events for them and she provided pictures, event results and some editorial information from the top SA competitions.  Jenny learnt lots from this experience and having broadened her base she now had the opportunity to expand her business to include all equestrian sports and general equine photography.  Starting with dressage, showjumping and eventing, she went on to cover agricultural shows, particularly hacking events and breed classes.  More recently Jenny has attended Arabian, Appaloosa and Miniature Championships, thoroughbred yearling sales, all of this around her regular Saturday attendance at Adelaide race meetings.

Jenny has been presented with an award for racing coverage by the Melbourne Racing Club and has had images appear in publications & books in the UK, Thoroughbred Times magazine in the US and several locally produced books, most recently the History of Australian Racing Volume 3 produced by the VRC which completed a trio of volumes that chronicled the history of racing in Australia from the beginning to the present day. 

In her 'travels' Jenny has met many people (and made many friends)  who have helped her to learn more and she has found this input of great benefit when photographing dressage, western riding and breed classes - where special observations are much valued when it comes to the pictorial record of a particular horses appearance and performance.

Jenny is the only photographer in Australia who photographs professionally in both the equestrian and racing aspects of horse sports supplying images to both printed publications and internet/virtual magazines promoting racing and horse events from South Australia.

In 2014 Jenny was awarded the Best Racing Picture Media Award at the 2014 Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (TRSA) annual awards for an image of Miracles of Life and trainer D Clarken after winning at the autumn carnival.  Jenny was also a finalist for the Best Racing Story award and had been a finalist for the 2012 Best Racing Picture award. 

In September 2016 Jenny won a second Thoroughbred Racing SA Industry Awards Best Racing Picture Media Award with an under the rails image from the Von Doussa Steeplechase at Oakbank showing three horses clearing the fence - the first photographer to win the award twice.  While at the Royal Adelaide Show in September 2016 Jenny had 5 images accepted with two being given Merit Awards at the Royal Adelaide Show Photography Competition - the first time she has entered images in open competition.  One of the Merit Award winning photos was used in the Photography Results catalogue sent out to all entrants after the event. 

On weekends Jenny can be found at Adelaide race meetings or at various equestrian events throughout the year .

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