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Profile of a Champion
By Manihi from Markato
Race Record


25/1/78     1st    2yo Hcp                      1000m     Cranbourne    G Willetts   54kg    2- Naas
4/2/78       2nd   2yo Hcp                      1000m     Flemington     G Willetts   53kg   1- Karaman
14/2/78     1st    2yo Hcp                      1000m     Flemington     G Willetts   57kg   2- Outpace
25/2/78     1st    Blue Diamond Stakes 1200m      Caulfield        G Willetts   54kg   2- Toolern High
11/3/78     1st    Golden Slipper Stakes 1200m    Rosehill          G Willetts   54kg   2-Smokey Jack
25/3/78     5th   AJC Sires Produce       1400m     Randwick       G Willetts  55.5kg 1-Karaman



9/9/78      1st   Ascot Vale Stakes          1200m     Flemington    G Willetts  57.5kg  2- Karaman
28/9/78    1st   Marlboro Cup                1400m     Caulfield        J Stocker    50kg     2- Lipman
14/10/78  1st   Caulfield Guineas          1600m     Caulfield        G Willetts  55.5kg  2- Karaman
4/11/78    2nd  Craven A Stakes           1200m     Flemington    J Stocker     54kg     1-Always Welcome
29/1/79    1st   William Reid Stakes     1200m     Moonee Valley G Willetts 53kg   2- King of the Stars
10/2/79    1st   CF Orr Stakes                1400m    Sandown         G Willetts   53kg   2- Gypsy Kingdom
24/2/79    1st   Futurity Stakes              1800m    Caulfield          G Willetts   52kg   2- Stormy Rex
12/3/79    2nd  Australian Cup              2000m    Flemington      G Willetts   52.5kg 1- Dulcify
31/3/79    4th   Rosehill Guineas           2000m    Rosehill           G Willetts   54kg    1-Dulcify
7/4/79      1st   George Ryder Stakes     1400m    Rosehill           G Willetts   54.5kg 2- Joyita
14/4/79    3rd DH Doncaster Hcp         1600m    Randwick         G Willetts   57.5kg 1- Belmura Lad
7/7/79      1st   Rothmans 100,000         1350m   Doomben          G Willetts   58kg   2- Casca



18/8/79    1st   Freeway Stakes             1200m   Moonee Valley   G Willetts   57kg  2- Oenjay Star
27/9/79    12th  Marlboro Cup              1400m  Caulfield              G Willetts   59.5kg 1- Private Talk
28/1/80    1st   William Reid Stakes      1200m   Moonee Valley   G Willetts   57kg   2- Hauberk
9/2/80      1st   CF Orr Stakes                1400m  Sandown             G Willetts    57kg   2- Hyperno
1/3/80      1st   Futurity Stakes              1400m   Caulfield             R Higgins    57kg   2-Asian Beau
22/3/80    1st   George Ryder Stakes     1400m   Rosehill              G Willetts   57kg   2- Gypsy Kingdom
7/4/80      8th   AJC Galaxy                   1100m   Randwick           G Willetts   60.5kg 1- Hit It Benny



26/1/81    1st   William Reid Stakes     1200m  Moonee Valley   G Willetts   57.5kg  2- Turf Ruler
7/2/81      1st   CF Orr Stakes               1400m   Sandown             G Willetts  57.5kg  2- My Brown Jug
21/2/81    1st   Futurity Stakes             1400m   Caulfield             G Willetts   57.5kg  2- Ducatoon



8/9/81      1st   Bernborough Hcp         1000m   Sandown             R Higgins   63.5kg  2- King of the Stars
24/9/81    2nd   Marlboro Cup              1400m   Caulfield             R Higgins   60.5kg  1- Soldier of Fortune
29/9/81    1st   Queen Elizabeth Cup   1600m   Caulfield              R Higgins  58.5kg  2- Lawman
14/10/81  2nd   Chirnside Stakes          1200m   Sandown             R Higgins  58kg     1- Opera Prince
1/2/82      1st   William Reid Stakes     1200m   Moonee Valley   G Willetts  57kg    2- Yir Tiz
27/2/82    2nd   Futurity Stakes             1400m  Caulfield              G Willetts  57.5kg  1- Galleon
13/3/82    1st   Canterbury Stakes         1200m   Canterbury         G Willetts   57.5kg  2- Opera Prince
17/4/82    3rd   All Aged Stakes            1600m   Randwick           G Willetts   57.5kg  1-My Gold Hope



21/8/82   1st   Freeway Stakes           1200m    Moonee Valley   G Willetts   58kg   2- Qubeau
4/9/82     1st   Memsie Stakes            1400m    Caulfield             G Willetts   58.5kg  2- Galleon
18/9/82   3rd   JF Feehan Stakes        1600m    Moonee Valley   G Willetts   58.5kg  1- Lawman
13/10/82 6th   Chirnside Stakes         1200m    Caulfield             G Willetts   58kg   1- Galleon
23/10/82  1st   AJ Moir Stakes          1000m    Moonee Valley   G Willetts   58kg   2- Razor Sharp
30/10/82  3rd   Pure Pak Stakes         1200m    Flemington         G Willetts   59.5kg  1- Forgone Conclusion
4/11/82    3rd   Linlithgow Stakes      1400m    Flemington         G Willetts   58kg   1- Galleon
31/1/83    1st   William Reid Stakes   1200m   Moonee Valley   G Willetts   57.5kg  2- Torbek
19/2/83    2nd   Lightning Stakes        1000m   Flemington         G Willetts   57kg    1- Demus
5/3/83      1st   Futurity Stakes           1400m   Caulfield              G Willetts  57.5kg  2- Avatar
19/3/83    2nd  George Ryder Stakes  1400m   Rosehill               G Willetts  57.5kg  1-Emancipation


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