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Fields Of Omagh
Profile of a Champion
By Rubiton from Finneto
Race Record


27/8/00   4th   Maiden Hcp                     1300m   Bendigo   S Baster  56.5kg  1-Ming's Finale
12/9/00   3rd   Maiden Hcp                     1400m   Ballarat    S Baster  54.5kg  1-Bold Laird
23/9/00   10th Class 1 Hcp                     1535m   Geelong   F Alesci  52kg     1-Zephyr Breeze
31/1/01   3rd   Maiden Hcp                     1200m   Ballarat    K McEvoy 56.5kg 1-King of Roses
17/2/01   2nd  Maiden Hcp                     1400m   Bendigo    L Beer    56.5kg   1-Dual Action
4/3/01     1st  Handicap                          1400m  Sandown   G Childs  52kg    2-Flash Line
16/4/01   4th  Open Hcp                         1400m   Caulfield   G Childs  52.5kg   1-De Gaulle Lane
9/5/01     1st  Handicap                          1400m   Sandown  D Gauci  55.5kg   2-Mr Magistrate


14/9/01    1st  Open Hcp                          1200m  Kyneton         G Childs  54kg  2-Mighty Amber
13/10/01  1st  Open Hcp                          1350m  Cheltenham    S Price   52kg   2-All Cheer
20/10/01  1st  Thomas Elder Stakes         1600m   Victoria Park  S Price   52.5kg 2-Moet Now
6/11/01    1st  Hong Kong Jockey Club Plate 1800m  Flemington  G Childs  53kg 2-Thong Classic
24/11/01  1st  Eclipse Stakes                   2119m  Sandown        G Childs  55.5kg 2-Thong Classic


11/8/02   1st  Auries Star Hcp                  1200m  Flemington    G Childs  58.5kg  2-Pindi Ridge
31/8/02   2nd Memsie Stakes                   1410m Caulfield        G Childs  58kg     1-Magical Miss
14/9/02   1st  JF Feehan Stakes               1600m Moonee Valley D Oliver  58kg    2-Magical Miss
5/10/02   3rd  Turnbull Stakes                   2000m Flemington     D Oliver   59kg     1-Northerly
19/10/02 2nd Caulfield Cup                       2400m Caulfield         D Oliver   53.5kg  1-Northerly
26/10/02 5th  WS Cox Plate                     2040m Moonee Valley D Oliver  58kg     1-Northerly
8/2/03    2nd  CF Orr Stakes                     1400m Caulfield         G Childs  58kg    1-Yell
22/2/03  2nd  St George Stakes                1800m Caulfield          G Childs 58kg     1-Northerly
10/3/03  5th   Australian Cup                     2000m  Flemington    G Childs  58kg     1-Northerly                   


21/9/03  18th  Dubai Club Cup                   1400m Caulfield          K McEvoy 57kg  1-Exceed and Excel
11/10/03 2nd  Toorak Hcp                         1600m Caulfield          S King      57kg  1-Roman Arch
25/10/03 1st   WS Cox Plate                     2040m Moonee Valley S King     58kg  2-Defier
1/11/03   3rd   Mackinnon Stakes              2000m Flemington       S King     58kg  1-Casual Pass
30/11/03 18th  Japan Cup                          2400m Tokyo             S King     57kg  1-Tap Dance City
14/12/03 11th  Hong Kong                         2400m Sha Tin           S King     57kg  1-Vallee Enchantee


28/8/04    5th  Memsie Stakes                    1400m  Caulfield           V Hall  58kg  1-Regal Roller
11/9/04    4th  JF Feehan Stakes                1600m  Moonee Valley  G Childs  58kg  1-Delzao
2/10/04    1st  Penny Edition Stakes            1450m  Victoria Park    S Price  58kg  2-Fairessa
23/10/04   2nd WS Cox Plate                      2040m  Moonee Valley  D Nikolic 58kg  1-Savabeel
12/12/04   12th Hong Kong                          2000m  Sha Tin            D Nikolic 57kg  1-Alexander Goldrun


20/08/05 7th  Liston Stakes                         1400m  Caulfield             S King 58kg  1-Lad of the Manor
10/9/05   3rd  JF Feehan Stakes                  1600m  Moonee Valley    S King 58kg  1-Lad of the Manor
8/10/05  2nd  Caulfield Stakes                      2000m  Caulfield            S King 58kg   1-El Segundo
22/10/05 3rd  WS Cox Plate                         2040m  Moonee Valley   S King  58kg  1-Makybe Diva
29/10/05 8th  Mackinnon Stakes                  2000m  Flemington         S King  58kg  1-Lad of the Manor
11/2/06  3rd  CF Orr Stakes                         1400m  Caulfield             S King  58kg  1-Perfect Promise
4/3/06    1st  Futurity Stakes                        1600m Caulfield             S King  58kg  2-Red Dazzler
25/3/06  7th  Dubai Duty Free                       1600m  Dubai                S King  57kg  1-David Junior


2/9/06   10th   Memsie Stakes                      1400m  Caulfield            C Williams  58kg  1-El Segundo
16/9/06  5th   JF Feehan Stakes                   1600m  Moonee Valley   S King        58kg  1-Lad of the Manor
14/10/06 4th  Caulfield Stakes                       2000m  Caulfield            C Williams 58kg  1-Casual Pass
28/10/06 1st  WS Cox Plate                         2040m  Moonee Valley   C Williams 58kg  2-El Segundo




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Race Record

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